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The warranty period for bicycle is as follows. If the customer finds non-human damage within the warranty period, we will send the replacement parts free of charge.

After warranty period, the customer has to pay replacement parts and shipping fees. The bike which we sell are factory new regular products, all parts are the same as the original parts.


Accessories Parts
Warranty Period Example Problems Notes
Electric Parts Motor 1 Year 1.Internal gear break.
2.Bearing broken.
3.The wheel hub shell cracking.
4.Coil burned.
5.Magnets off.
6.clamping stagnation or have serious noise, not the normal operation
The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:
u Water damage of the battery, motor, and controller.
u Man-made damage, self-modification, collision damage of spare parts, etc.
u Tire puncture by sharp objects.
u Test and dispose of the vehicle for sale.
u Products or accessories that are beyond the three-pack period.
u The user is damaged due to improper use, repair and maintenance according to the instructions of the end.
u Poor and damaged due to natural disasters, man-made disasters, irresistible forces or chemical attack.
u For accessories that do not need to be returned, proof materials such as videos or pictures cannot be provided.
u Damage caused by modification or addition or subtraction of other accessories.
u It is a vulnerable or consumable item in normal use (accessory coating, inner tube, thread tube, order piece, sprocket, chain, pedal). It is not covered by human injury, damage, normal wear and tear.

Controller 1 Year 1.Short circuit or open circuit.
3.Coaster related protection function failure.
Battery 1 Year Not working
Charger 1 Year Not be charged
Switch 6 Months Not working
Display 6 Months Not working, no display
Front Light 3 Months Not working
Frame 1 Year Rust, damage
Suspension Fork 1 Year Not working
Folding Stem 1 Year Not working
Suspension Fork
Handel Bar
1 Year 1. Natural sealing off.
2. Fracture key parts crack.
3.Fork fracture.
Throttle 1 Year Not working
Axle 1 Year Bend, break
Pedal 6 months Not working
Free Wheel 6 months Not working
Gearbox 6 months Not working
Rear Derailleur 6 months Not working
Brake 6 months Not working
Front and Middle Axle 6 months Quality problems
Kick Stand 3 Months Broken
Tire 3 Months Natural break
Power Brake Lever 3 Months Not working
Crank 3 Months Not working
Fender 3 Months Not working


  • Consumables are not warranted after one month.
  • User’s use, improper maintenance or collision, fall injury, overuse, chemical damage and other abnormal parts caused by riding.
  • Commercial rental bike does not guarantee.
  • Consumables due to damaged parts are not replaced in time, resulting in damage to related parts, no compensation.
  • Unauthorized disassembly, damage caused by replacement parts, etc.

Due to different batches at the time of shipment or improvements to parts, there will be changes without notice. The company guarantees that the quality of the changed parts will not be reduced. Only the same grade or higher grade accessories will be selected. The difference of accessories will not be the reason for quality return, please know it.


Within 15 days of the date of purchase, return your undamaged/unused Bezior product to receive a refund.

When the bicycle you purchased needs to be returned or refunded, it must be approved by official Bezior customer service team, please contact by the email: [email protected]

The Bezior return refund policy only applies to original purchase consumers who purchased from Bezior official website. Non-original purchase consumers (that is, second-hand bicycle owners) do not apply the Beizor return refund policy service.

If the consumer modifies the components by himself, the return refund policy of the bicycle will automatically expire.

During the warranty period, the product has major quality problems that affect the normal riding of the bicycle. We will return the goods and refund; if there are small defects, we will give appropriate compensation and provide replacement parts.